Beeswax Wraps Recipe

With Jojoba Oil

The secret commercial recipe that really works and you can make at home!

Perfect zero waste lunch wrap uses jojoba oil, resin and  beeswax for the optimal sticky, flexible mixture

What you will need

100g Beeswax (3.5oz) 20g Damar resin (.7oz) or Pine rosin 3 teaspoons (15ml/.5 fluid ounce) Jojoba oil

StartFragment100g Beeswax (3.5oz)20g Damar resin (.7oz) or Pine rosin3 teaspoons (15ml/.5 fluid ounce) Jojoba oil6 squares of light, woven cotton, pre washed and dried 30x30cm (12x12in).An old pot, old clean paintbrush (or new cheap one), tinfoil, mortar and pestle or some way of crushing the resin.EndFragment

Melt the beeswax and resin 

in a double boiler

add the jojoba oil

Alternatives to Jojoba

You can use any liquid food safe oil, common options include: Olive oil Almond oil Sunflower oil

Brush on the mix

Place in a warm oven to even out the coating

Allow to cool before storing Store somewhere cool Wash with cool water as required