This post was most recently updated on May 9th, 2022

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Once upon a time, on a beautiful early winters day we fell in love with a steep, hilly, gorse covered property covered in pretty little native birds known as piwakawaka or fantails.

We called our property Piwakawaka Valley after these cute little birds, but I was not to know at the time how many of our international friends would end up following our journey.

Piwakawaka is difficult to spell (I even accidently misspelled our Pinterest username myself) and even harder to pronounce if you don’t have an ear for te reo – the Maori language. So after a very long time of deliberating, we have changed our official name from Piwakawaka Valley to Fantail Valley Homestead.

For now we are keeping the URL the same, as that is what so many things across the internet link to. However, for ease of use, if you remember it will redirect you here.

So, we are for now, both Piwakawaka Valley and Fantail Valley, and given they are really the same bird with two names, I think we might keep it like that for some time in to the future.

Let that not put you off, one name or the other name, either way, we are here to help you learn to homestead no matter where you are. So join us, and learn to grow food and live free #homesteadanywhere