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Are you looking to getting lost in the deep dark rabbit hole that is raising and keeping chickens?

Chickens are the gateway to all things homesteading, and they are an absolute delight to raise and keep.

Here you will find our growing bank of keeping chickens resources that are totally free for you!

Chicken Articles

Backyard chickens are extraordinary. You get to pick farm-fresh eggs every day, get good manure for your garden, and make great pet friends. You don't want to miss out on all this goodness, but with 100s of small chicken breeds to choose from, it can get overwhelming. This guide will help you choose the best small chicken breeds for your backyard.
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What do chickens eat? What can you feed chickens and what plants are poisonous to hens?
how to make money with chickens
Growing your own food is brilliant, and adding chickens to your backyard improves your self sufficiency and resilience. But how do you protect your garden from the chickens? Protecting the garden from free range hens is a really common problem for most backyard chicken owners! Chickens love to look for their own food, to dig and scratch and dust bathe in bare soil. Not to mention snack on fresh young green plants. 
Frugal chicken feed ideas Keeping chickens in your backyard can be expensive. Check out these tips for keeping the cost down raising hens for eggs #piwakawakavalley
Simple, natural methods that really work!
how to feed chickens for less money
how to incubate eggs at home
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10 Top Tips On How To Make Chickens Happy
Chickens are easy to keep, but make sure youa re not feeding your chickens these 3 foods! #backyeardchickens #keepingchickens #chickens #homesteading #homesteads #piwakawakavalley
Natural remedies for sick chickens that really work #chickens #hen #rooster #keepingchickens #homesteading #homestead #piwakawakavalley
Automatic watering systems take the worry out of watering the animals. An auto waterer can last for several days and it keeps rabbits and chickens from making the water dirty or tipping it out. To make this automatic waterer I used a few things that I had laying around, but you could easily replace these with things you have or can make.
Raising animals for profit is a great way to make money on a farm or homesteading. Financical independence is possible when you choose the top 5 animals to raise for profit. #homesteading #piwakawakavalley
7 Top Tips on How to Keep your Chickens Cool
t has become quite fashionable to produce colorful eggs right from your very own backyard. So if you would like to gather up a colorful basket of eggs each time you go out to visit your hens, here are 5 breeds of chickens that lay colored eggs. And that is just for starters.
How To Care For Your Moulting Chickens
Is it time to add a few roosters with your hens? This is an intriguing question people will have to consider as they think about building a full-fledged flock. In some cases, it works out well, while others don't believe it works in their favor. Roosters are interesting animals, they are protective and can be menacing, or they can be super sweet and cuddly.
What To Feed Chickens To Get The Best Tasting Eggs 3
Easy Plants You Can Grow As Chicken Food to save money and to make your chicken eggs delicious! Making your own chicken feed is easy when you know how. #piwakawakavalley
What is the best way to hatch chicken eggs? Broody Hen vs An Incubator? If you are raising chickens in your backyard and would like to hatch baby chicks here is a pros and cons of using a hen or a machine to do it #piwakawakavalley
Safe Collection, Handling And Storage Of Eggs From Your Hens. Do you keep backyard chickens? Are you keeping your eggs safe from disease? Follow these tips for your families health #piwakawakavalley
Top 5 reasons that you should keep chickens in your backyard. Chickens make a great addition to your homestead, even if you live in the city or on an urban homestead. Keeping chickens is easy and great if you are interested in self sufficiency and permaculture! #backyardchickens #piwakawakavalley
Preventing egg eating is the easiest way to stop chickens from eating their eggs. If you are keeping laying chickens, here are some proven tips to break the egg eating habit in your backyard chickens. Tips for keeping chickens #backyardchickens #homesteading #piwakawakavalley
How to tell if your chicken has stopped laying and how you can get her laying eggs again fast.
Did you know chickens love a dust bath? They use it to naturally repel fleas, mites, ticks and lice. This is our own recipe for the Ultimate Chicken Dust Bath
if you are starting a homestead, or want to raise animals these are the best easy animals for beginners to raise in your backyard or on a smallholding or farm. #homesteading #farmlife #piwakawakavalley
How to hatch chicken eggs successfully with an egg incubator in 5 easy steps. #raisingchickens #backyardchickens #piwakawakavalley
A beginners guide to raising baby chicks, growing chicks at home isn't too difficult. Check out our DIY guide on raising chickens #piwakawakavalley #chicks #chickens #backyardchickens
5 best herbs for keeping your backyard chickens healthy. #backyardchickens #chickens #chickencoop #healthyhens #homesteading #homestead #piwakawakavalley
Dual purpose breeds are all the rage in self sufficiency, homesteading and prepping groups. Here are the real benefits to owning dual purpose hens.
DIY Expandable Chicken Brooder

Raising chicken in your backyard

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