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30 frugal DIY decoration ideas for your homestead this Christmas. CHeck out these beautiful, easy, rustic DIY decoration ideas #christmas #frugalchristmas #christmasideas #piwakawakavalley
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Making mulberry jelly is really appealing to me, because to make mulberry jam, you have to remove all the stems by hand before making the jam. With making jelly, you juice the fruit and strain out all the chunky bits before you cook it up and this, while it is an extra step, it really does make the process easier.
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How to pressure can carrots
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Apple cider vinegar is all the rage in the natural health sector. To buy it with the 'mother' still in it, in ACV's raw state you pay through the nose for it. Did you know you can Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar #naturalhealth #makeyourown #acv
bottle plums recipe
Making kombucha is much easier than you might think. There are so many technical guides out there telling you how to make kombucha, you can be forgiven for being confused. This lazy persons guide to making kombucha removes all the fancy fluffing around and just makes simple, good, tasty kombucha. Find out how!
Are you keen to join the uprising of the return to traditional ways of life? These 33 traditional skills will help you on your road to self sufficiency.
This recipe uses natural ingredients to create a waterproof coating on the fabric of choice. You can use it to waterproof canvas clothing, shoes, bags, tents, leather, even fabric tarpaulins and wood!
Automatic watering systems take the worry out of watering the animals. An auto waterer can last for several days and it keeps rabbits and chickens from making the water dirty or tipping it out. To make this automatic waterer I used a few things that I had laying around, but you could easily replace these with things you have or can make.
Simple and affordable seed raising table ideas. Can be used as a heated propagation table for growing plants from cuttings, or germinating seeds for the vegetable garden. #piwakawakavalley
Make your own beeswax wraps as an eco-friendly alternative to clingfilm or plastic wrap. This recipe uses jojoba oil and beeswax to make a nice clingy wrap.
Making nut milk, almond milk, oat milk and coconut milk is easy when you know how! #piwakawakavalley #naturalhealth #recipe #nutmilk #vegan
Pressure canning vegetables for beginners the complete guide #piwakawakavalley
Have you tried washing your hair without shampoo? Did you find the no poo method with baking soda a bit of a let down? You should try this instead, I have found it much nicer to use. Pop on over and have a read!
Are you too busy to make real bread? I bet you have time to make this! A super easy, no knead, wholemeal sourdough bread recipe made with you in mind. This delicious, chewy bread is simple and takes no fancy ingredients. Try it today or pin it for later. #bread #sourdough #homesteading #recipe
There is nothing like biting into a fresh, warm, chewy, slightly sour slice of sourdough bread. Lucky for us making your own sourdough starter is super easy.
To save money building our house we built a recycled wooden countertop for our kitchen bench. These DIY instructions will show you how to make your own wooden counter. #diy #frugal #reno #kitchen
We have set up this passive grey water recycling system that feeds my plants while I am busy doing other things. DIY, do it yourself, make your own, recycle, upcycle, shabby chic, aged wood, rustic, DIY home decor, DIY craft, make your own gifts, DIY projects, DIY instructions, #selfsufficiency #blacksmith #diyproject #diyoutdoorprojects
Teach your children traditional skills that will help them get ahead in life by getting them to help with the chores on your homestead #piwakawakavalley
Are you looking for a natural, fluoride free toothpaste that the kids will use? look no further than our remineralizing toothpowder
Did you know you can make more than just bread with sourdough? These sourdough muffins have no refined sugar and are really tasty. #recipe #sourdough
Super greens powders are great to add to smoothies, omelets, soups, stews and pretty much anything you can think of. I have even heard of mums sneaking greens powders in to cakes and muffins.
The best thing about making tomato powder at home, is that you can actually just use the scraps that you get after making ketchup or from canning tomatoes, you don't have to use the whole tomatoes for it. You can make tomato powder from the skins and seeds!
Dehydrating vegetables and fruit is a great way of preserving them without taking up much space. Here are some ideas for dehydrating without a dehydrator by using an oven or several other dehydration methods! #piwakawakavalley
Quick and easy - How to make you own laundry soap. laundry detergent recipe.
Let's face it some dehydrated vegetables and fruit are simply gross. Here are 10 vegetables that you can dehydrate and how to use them that actually taste nice. Perfect for storing the harvest or for keeping your produce that you grew in your garden at home! #foodpreservation #piwakawakavalley
How to make beef or deer jerky at home in the oven, dehydrator or smoker with full instructions step by step and yummy recipe included #piwakawakavalley
Below is two recipes, one for a 0% superfatted coconut oil soap to use purely to make your own washing powder. The second is a 20% superfatted pure coconut oil soap - basically the 1/4 moisturizing cream, with out all the extra cruddy chemicals and processing that goes with it.
How to Freeze Milk in mason jars. freezing liquids in glass
Grafting fruit trees ourselves means we have to wait a couple more years for fruit. It also means I can do it for around $6/tree.
This very simple, 3 ingredient body butter will have your skin singing. It is ultra moisturizing and hypoallergenic.
Make your own aged timber shelves - vinegar stain included - instantly age timber.
Are you suffering from lethargy, headaches and gut issues? Here are 8 things I did to help heal my gut.
How to make Remineralizing toothpaste for colder climates
Chewy and slightly tangy, who doesn't like a warm slice of sourdough bread? I bet you didn't realize just how easy it is to make either. #sourdough #bread #artisan #homesteading
Recycle and repurpose old cookie tins and transform them into gorgeous storage tins for your kitchen! Organize that pantry! #storage #diy
Super frugal tip: How to use leftover canning syrup for something productive! Fruit vinegar recipe. fermented foods, fermented pickles, sea salt fermented vegetables, fermented recipes, easy fermentation for beginners, how to ferment vegetables, fermentation tips, step by step fermenting food, health, families, immune system, gut health, gut biome, natural health, weston price, whey fermenting vegetables to preserve them. #ferment #guthealth #kombucha #fermenting #homesteading #naturalhealth #probiotics #fermented #traditional
overflow canning method for preserving stone fruit - this includes peaches, plums and apricots. Preserving, canning, pressure canning, pickles, freezing, storage, keeping food, jam, chutney, canning for beginners, canning recipes, canning recipes for tomatoes, water bath, ketchup, pressure canning, canning meat, food, simple canning recipes for beginners, gluten free, preserving food, homestead survival, preserving food from the garden, live from the pantry, self sufficiency, prepper, being prepared #canning #preserving #foodmatters #foodstorage #preppers #pickled #vegetables #pantry #easyrecipe
We always end up with too much zucchini. Here is my solution to using up the excess summer squash. This recipe is a great gardening hack. beginner cooking recipes, beginner dinner recipes, crockpot, cooking from scratch, healthy food recipes, whole food dinner recipes #homesteading #fromscratch #fromthefarm #bakingtips #baking #cookingtips #cooking #cooking101 #recipe #recipeoftheday #recipeideas #cook
One of the best ways of preserving your Summer harvest is as preserves. This canned homemade SUmmer Harvest Salsa is so easy to make and delicious as well. #recipe #preserve #canning #mexicanrecipe #salsa
It has been a long time coming, but I finally have a recipe for an effective all natural deodorant for you that works really well. Actually, I have two! One is a simple, every day deodorant that will work well for most people, the second is a heavy duty natural deodorant that will calm even the toughest body odor. Both of these recipes contain baking soda, however, if you make it and you find the baking soda is irritating your pits, you can replace it with more tapioca starch. #diy #natural #bath #deodorant #homesteading
This is a delicious homemade probiotic drink that is really very easy to make. Probiotic lemonade is a perfect drink to have on a hot Summers day.
Do you struggle with spilt rabbit and chicken feed? This j feeder and hay rack will sort it for you! making a j feeder is super easy find out how here. #chickens #rabbits #DIY #feeder
What is better on a rainy day then a chewy sourdough pizza? This recipe is quick and easy to prepare. Pin it to use later!
Who can resist the yeasty, sweet, spicy smell of hot cross buns out of the oven? These traditional sourdough easter buns will not fail you. And they are refined sugar free.
Best tomato ketchup recipe - better than bought and super easy - you must give it a try!
I have not looked back from going no poo - my hair is more shiney, less greasy and less dry on the ends. Washing your hair with baking soda is simple and effective, without shampoo, shampoo alternatives.
Fermenting your animal feed has many benefits, and it makes your grain go further which saves you money! Find out how to ferment your grain and why you should here.
Can I tell you a secret? I use this sourdough tortilla recipe to make naan, tortilla, wraps, flatbreads. They are soft and delicious and very easy to make #sourdough #bread
Not only is home made sauerkraut delicious, it is an amazing probiotic - each spoonful contains more probiotics than a whole bottle of the ones you buy at the store!
Look at this shabby chic hutch dresser! It has been upcycled to a cute country styled sideboard. Rustic.


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