3 Reasons Why I Prefer to Own Useful Books

This post was most recently updated on March 18th, 2020

If you have read through my website, you will see that I often recommend books that I think you should own. I have been asked why I prefer to own books when there is so much free information on the internet.

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Well there are 3 reasons why I prefer to own books and why I have these books on my bookshelf:

1) I prefer to own books because they are there when I need them

Chances are when you need the information in one of these books, like really-life-depend-on-it need them, there won’t be power or internet to access the endless information online.

In a true disaster or SHTF event, you are going to need knowledge at your fingertips.

2) I prefer to own books because I can take them with me

Reading things online is great, but my laptop is a lot less portable than my books. I tuck a book in my handbag and take it to work, I read at lunchtime, or while waiting for friends at the park.

I can sit outside in the sunshine with the kids and read a book. The laptop or even my mobile is limited to needing an internet connection and power supply. That, and the screens still suck to read out in bright sunlight!

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3) I prefer to own books because they are more tactile

You can highlight a book, write notes in it, bend over the tops of useful pages. There is something good about the weight in your hand, the smell, the whole experience of printed media. It is easier on my eyes and gentler on my soul to read a real book and step away from the computer.

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What books exactly do I recommend?

While I do think there is a place for novels and fictitious entertaining books, and DEFINITELY kids books to read with children, I am specifically talking about practical, helpful books in this case.

There are a range of books that are useful around the home, and while you don’t need to go out and buy them all at once, they would be useful to hint at people to gift you.

Second hand books are also a great idea. Hunt around secondhand stores, garage/yard sales and online for the best deals.

In the Kitchen:

You need a good preserving book

One with quality from-scratch recipes

And one about fermenting foods

Herbal treatments for common ailments.

In the Laundry:

You need some recipes to make soap and washing supplies

And maybe some on fabric dying/making

For Outside:

A general animal husbandry book

General homesteading information

Gardening Information

These are the books that line my bookshelves at my place, and I will not be parting with them. I believe that they are an irreplaceable life line of resources.

Do you have a favorite book? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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Here are the top 20 books every homesteader should own. I have a full bookshelf despite free resources on the internet. A library helps you be prepared for disasters, find out how here.

I have a full bookshelf despite free resources on the internet. A library helps you be prepared for disasters, find out why I prefer to own books here.


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