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SOLD OUT!!! Please email [email protected] to be kept up to date about the next one!

Let’s Get Fermenting Workshop Sunday February the 4th 2018 at 1pm in Taieri Mouth

If you would like to learn how to ferment things in your own home, then this hands on workshop is for you.

Note: This is a workshop that you actually have to turn up to – so it is only for people who are able to physically be here on the date set. We are hoping to have a video version for all of you who cannot be here eventually. But for now it is only for peeps that can actually get here.

What You Will Learn about Fermenting

Learn how to make Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Sourdough, Lemon Fizz and Apple Cider Vinegar all from scratch.

You will benefit from all my tips and tricks that I have discovered over they years and see exactly how each of these items are made.

I will show you exactly what equipment you will need, and what you can get away with using that you already have.

What You Will Take Home

This course is amazing value for money! You will come away from the course with not only useful, health giving knowledge, but you will also receive:

+ 1 Healthy Kombucha Scoby and enough starter tea to get your own set up

+ 1 Bottle of Lemon Fizz to be used to start your own brew

+ 1 Cup of Active Sourdough Starter

+ 1 Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to inoculate your own brew

+ 1 Jar of freshly made Sauerkraut

+ 1 Printed Copy of Let’s Get Fermenting e-book

+ 1 Printed Copy of Artisan Bread – The Art of Sourdough e-book

+ You also get admission to the Let’s Get Fermenting support group on Facebook.

This has a total value of over $70!

PLUS I will give you afternoon tea.

The Fine Print: Seats are limited to 10 per session. If this month doesn’t suit you, please email me and check when the next workshop will be running.

This workshop is not suitable for young children to attend. If you have a genuinely interested and capable child over the age of 10 that would like to attend and participate, they may do so for an additional $10. This is done on a case by case basis. Please email me hello[at] to arrange. Only persons paying the full ticket price will get the take-home starters and books.

The address of the workshop will be emailed to you after you have purchased your tickets with a reminder to attend, closer to the date.

Fantastic afternoon! Would recommend it to anyone interested in starting or expanding fermenting at home.


I really enjoyed the day, Dana has lots of knowledge and is a great teacher. I am loving making the kombucha and the sourdough at home. Definitely good value for the money.


Why we Started Learning about Fermenting in our Family

After years of struggling with allergies and bad guts, we started looking for better ways of living. This was the beginning of a very long and continuing journey.

We started with growing our own vegetables. Slowly we met kombucha and sauerkraut and having enjoyed them so much, I moved on and started our own sourdough bug.

We have found that including fermented foods in our diet has greatly improved our gut health. My husbands skin has improved and overall we at least feel like we are doing something positive.


What are the Benefits to Fermented Foods Anyway?

Fermenting food makes the nutrients in food more available for us to absorb.

Fermented foods like Kombucha have new, additional components that you cannot get elsewhere.

The probiotics that fermented foods contain help to colonise our guts with good bacteria. These help ward off illness and have many benefits including:

Reducing eczema

Improving mood

Reducing anxiety

Improving sleep

Reducing IBS symptoms

Treating Candida infections

Improving indigestion

Reducing bloating

Are you ready to learn about fermenting? Sign up for a course today!


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