Raising Meat Rabbits in a Colony (2nd edition) eBook




This post was most recently updated on August 29th, 2022

Raising meat rabbits is one of the easiest and most accessible ways you can start raising meat. Keeping rabbits in a colony setting is the most natural method of raising rabbits. This book stands as a how-to guide to raise rabbits in a colony at your place.

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Raising rabbits in a colony is the best way to ensure happy, healthy, natural rabbits.

Our animals live a stress free life, with plenty of healthy, natural food, fresh water and sunshine. I have put together a comprehensive guide to raising meat rabbits in a colony to get you started on your way to raising your own colony of rabbits.

Discover today how you can supply your family with a sustainable meat source in your own backyard. Rabbits are naturally social, so allowing them to socialize is not only easier to care for, the rabbits enjoy life more too.

This is an amazing practical resource and reference book that every rabbit owner should have on their bookshelf. Everything you need to know about starting a successful rabbit colony.

Topics include:
+ Colony vs Cage raising
+ How to set up a colony
+ Choosing rabbits for your colony
+ Naturally feeding rabbits – raising meat rabbits without pellets
+ Breeding – a beginners guide and a troubleshooting section
+ Raising healthy kits
+ Preventing illness
+ Common illnesses and management / treatment including herbal treatments for rabbits

*** This is a PDF version of the book, for a kindle format or hard copy please see our Amazon listing here

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