23 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is one of the oldest forms of vinegar and you can make it at home for free! You can use it in place of pretty much any other type of vinegar, and apple cider vinegar, especially the raw/homemade versions have additional benefits due to the apple cider vinegar ‘mother’ that floats in the liquid. Here is a list of 23 uses for apple cider vinegar that you can try at home.

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23 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

1 Use ACV vinegar in salad dressing.

2 Add a splash to your morning smoothie.

3 Use it as a facial toner, just use a dab on cotton pads.

4 Bathroom cleaner: 1 part water, 1 part ACV, 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix in a spray bottle.

5 Helps with upset stomach — has antibiotic properties and pectin which soothe the stomach, just have some in water several times per day – start with a teaspoon full and work your way up to a tablespoon.

6 Stop cats/rabbits from biting cords around the house — rub a bit on a cotton ball and onto the cord every 4-5 days.

7 Use ACV in your bath. Add ½- 1 cup to your bath water along with Epsom salts and lavender essential oil for a relaxing and detoxifying bath.

8 The sour taste of a straight teaspoon can stop hiccups in their tracks.

9 Make a fruit fly trap — Put a thin layer of ACV in a cup with a drop of dish soap. Set it out on the counter and the fruit flies will fly in and get stuck.

10 Get rid of cat urine smell — add 1 cup to the laundry when you wash the offending clothing, blanket, etc.

11 Get rid of bad breath — add ½ Tablespoon to a cup of water, and gargle for 10 seconds spit and repeat until the cup is empty. Also it acts as a teeth whitener by gargling with it every morning. The vinegar helps remove stains and kill bacteria in the mouth and gums.

12 Use apple cider vinegar to soothe a sore throat. Mix 1/4 cup ACV with 1/4 cup of warm water and gargle every hour.

13 Fight yeast infections or baby nappy thrush — add 1 cup to a bathtub of water and soak for 20 minutes.

14 De-tangle hair and help treat dandruff by adding 1/8 cup ACV to 1 cup of warm water and pour over your hair after shampooing. Leave on for a few seconds and rinse.

15 Help treat acne — mix one part ACV to 3-4 parts water. Apply to skin with a cotton pad, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then rinse. Repeat three times a day.

16 Wart removal — place a cotton pad soaked in ACV on top, and secure it with a bandage. Leave on overnight, repeating for a week.

17 Make “buttermilk” by souring my milk to make yummy stuff like Cornbread or scones.

18 Use it to fight fleas on your dog, using it diluted with water as a final leave in rinse after a bath.

19 Two tablespoons every morning and evening helps stop and early urinary tract infection in it’s tracks

20 Marinate steak with it, a tablespoon or two added to a marinade will make your steak nice and tender.

21 Mix 1T honey and 1-2t of ACV and suck on slowly to stop niggly coughs.

22 Add 1/2 cup to 1/2 a sink full of water to wash fruit and veggies to remove/neutralize chemical sprays.

23 A teaspoon in your cup of water with each meal has been shown to help stabilize blood sugars and aide weight loss.

23 uses for apple cider vinegar

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