Weekly Garden Diary: Spring Week 4

This post was most recently updated on April 14th, 2017


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In warmer places that don’t get anymore frosts you can sow runner and butter beans. The rest of us are better to wait another couple of weeks before sowing them. They are sown 5cm apart and 60cm between rows, leaving space to walk between them to harvest. In this gap you can grow lettuces who will appreciate the shade in the heat of the summer.

Plant out seedlings of cabbage, cauliflower, silverbeet, lettuce and parsley. Keep frost tender seedlings inside for a few more weeks – pumpkin/squash/zucchini and tomatoes are in this group.

Sow some spinach where you would like it to mature. You can also sow white turnips, spring onions and beetroot.

You can plant out main crop potatoes in the next few weeks.


Cut raspberries that were transplanted over winter down to 30cm high, this will encourage new canes for more fruit next year. I found keeping all my raspberries trimmed to 1-1.3m in height gave me better sized berries.

Slather around the bottom of all berry and currents with lots of manure and compost and mulch well.

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For further reading, I really recommend all of these books. I own every one of them and they are amazing resources!








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