Weekly Garden Diary: Summer Week Two

This post was most recently updated on April 14th, 2017

Traditionally in Dunedin December still brings mostly ‘spring type’ weather, with lots of wind and rain, with the odd hot day thrown in the mix. Here is what you can look forward to gardening this week.

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To prevent your cabbages, caulis and broccoli being covered in green caterpillars, cover your rows with wire hoops and bird netting. This will keep the white butterflies off, preventing the eggs and subsequent caterpillars.

Keep an eye out for aphids, they are a bluey-grey/green and hide on the underside of the leaves. Try our neem oil and garlic spray to deal to them and prevent them returning. Small plants that have been attacked seldom recover, so you may as well pull them out and feed the to the chickens.

Early potatoes planted in August will be ready for Christmas dinner, pull them up just before you want to use them (2 days ahead at the most) as immature spuds don’t store well. Main crop spuds can have a final earthing up this week.

Enjoy harvesting peas, carrots, lettuce and other things as they come ready to eat.


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