Weekly Garden Diary: Winter Week 2


This a good time to set aside some early potatoes to sprout. While you can use your favorite spuds from the supermarket, you can buy ‘seed potatoes’ from your garden centre that are guaranteed to be disease-free.

Place the potatoes on a shallow tray or old drawers lined with newspaper in a light, frost-free spot to sprout. You can also plant sprouted ones in your potato sack in the pantry!

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You will plant these out in late winter, so prepare the area now with plenty of compost or well rotted manure and a good thick layer of mulch.

Protect your compost bins from the wind, rain and snow to encourage it to continue maturing over the winter months. The whole heap slows down in the colder months so it will need turned regularly to help keep it active.

Carrots and beetroot can be lifted and kept in a corner of the garden covered in loose soil, damp sand or sawdust. This will be easier to dig than frozen, sodden soil.

Green manure crops that have reached 15cm/6in can be dug in now. Chop them with a spade and only dig them into the top 4 inches of soil, as that is where the microorganisms are most active.

Add some lime at the same time, and leave the soil in rough lumps to allow the weather to break it up further.


Raspberries need their old fruiting canes cut down to ground level once they have finished fruiting. Mulch with a layer of compost.

New berry fruit plants may be planted now, mulched thickly in compost.

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