Weekly Garden Diary: Winter Week 3


Hopefully you will get a break in the weather this week, as this is the perfect time of year to manure the garden to give it time to break down before Spring.

When you add compost or manure, you should also add lime to the soil to keep it sweet. Potato beds are one of the few that do not need limed however.

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Jerusalem artichokes should have their dried tops cut off and you can simply dig the tubers as they are required.

If your ground freezes, you can store them in the same corner of the garden as your carrots and beets, covered loosely in soil. Stored inside they will shrivel and harden.

Asparagus plants should be cut off at ground level and any seed berries removed from the soil surface and burnt/thrown out.


Currants and gooseberries are great for smaller gardens as they last for years and can be quite prolific.

Blackcurrants fruit on young wood, so removing branches that bore fruit last Summer will leave space for new growth. Trim off all old branches near the base of the bush just above a bud.

On the other hand, red and white currants fruit on old wood. So pruning should start when they are young to maintain 6 or so main branches.

Each Winter cut the tops of the branches by a third in length, and the side shoots down to 3cm/1-2in long.

Gooseberries need a sunny, well draining spot. They fruit on both old wood and last seasons growth. Prune to open the bush up to allow air to circulate.

Cut out an suckers at ground level, mulch well and topdress with some potash at a rate of 50g/2os per bush.

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