How to pretty-up tins for storage.

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Our new kitchen will have open shelves for much of the pantry storage. What a great opportunity for pretty tins and mason jars!

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I bought a bunch of tins at our local dump shop for $.50 each as well as collecting a few from my parents and friends. After Christmas is a great time to look for these hiding in peoples cupboards.

Step One: Give them all a good clean – who knows where some of those dump shop tins have been!



Step two: Give them all a light sand. This helps the paint adhere.

Step three: With the tin lids on (so they don’t get too tight and won’t fit on anymore) LIGHTLY coat them with a top quality spray paint.


Step four: Leave to dry and then re-coat as per the can’s instructions. I used 3 very fine coats.


Step five: Write the names of the contents on the tins with paint pens.

tins 2

tins 3


Fill your pretty tins with all your delicious things.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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