Plastic Free Adventure Update

This week in the letter box arrived three things I have been looking forward to getting: Stainless steel cups (so the boy stops breaking our glasses), old fashioned safety razors and blades and bamboo toothbrushes.

The cups are great and a real novelty for the kids. The little ones are smaller than I envisioned but actually perfect for little people.

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The safety razors and blades are to replace the plastic ones we seem to fly through. They are a little intimidating to look at, but are actually very easy to use, and do the job well.


The bamboo toothbrushes do still have nylon bristles, but that is a lot less plastic than the traditional brush, and they are quite affordable. Then you can snip off the bristles and compost the stick. The kids had a blast decorating their own brushes with ball point pen as well.


I am still buying meat in plastic meat trays as it is so far impossible to find a good range of unpackaged meat, if someone knows of a butcher that does it, please let me know!

Milk is the other thing that we are still getting in plastic as our goats milk supply has dried up until Edith starts milking. My girls are still on board with reducing our plastic consumption and are excited when we find non plastic alternatives for things.

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