Top 20 Waste Free Gifts for Toddlers

This post was most recently updated on March 4th, 2020

Toddlers are at an amazing age and stage. Learning about the world around them and full of boundless energy. Here are some great waste free gifts for toddlers:

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  1. Puzzles. I’ve always been surprised at how early little ones understand puzzles and really enjoy them. Keep them simple – try wooden ones as they will withstand the not-quite-so-fine motor skills of a little one.
  2. Books. It’s never too early for books. Did you know that reading to babies and toddlers changes the way their brains develop? This book is a fave in our house!
  3. Photo Album. Little ones love looking at a picture of family members and of themselves doing things or at special places. You could go on an adventure and take photos during the day and turn it into their very own story book.
  4. Good Quality skincare or novelty soaps. Try and find locally made handcrafted items.
  5. Pyjamas. Kids love pyjamas – mine will spend all day in them some days!
  6.  Lessons and Classes. Swim lessons, dance, gymnastics are all great ideas and benefit little ones.
  7. Sprinklers. Some good old fashion fun right there!
  8. Bird Feeder and Seed. Having a bird feeder outside a window is very entertaining for kids to watch and helps get them interested in wildlife.
  9.  Memberships. Children’s Museums, the zoo or family gyms are all wonderful.
  10. Artwork Picture Frame. Displaying our children’s artwork is important and also very fun. But the fridge tends to get filled up and parents at times feel guilty for throwing anything away.
  11. Towel Set. My kids love their hooded towels – they have a variety of animals and character ones.
  12. Waterproof swimming bag. And maybe a trip to the pool or beach to go with it!
  13. Math Counters in a small bucket/bag. Stack colors together,  make patterns, practice adding and subtracting. My girls love these bear ones.
  14. Savings Account or Stocks. Setting money aside each birthday or holiday may not be very exciting for these little people right now, but when they turn 18 and realize the amazing start they have in life, it will be a huge blessing. You can give a small token gift that they can open and enjoy on their special day, but put the majority of the gift into a savings program.
  15. Music. Kids love music! Some great kid-geared artists are: Raffi, Tom Chaplin, Sandra Boynton.
  16. Sleeping Bag/portable bed. Having their own sleeping bag can make little ones pretty excited about sleepovers, trips or camping out family nights.
  17. Piggy Bank and Coins. This may take some supervision, but all the little people I know absolutely love putting coins into their piggy banks!
  18. Play Silk scarves. These can be used as capes for super heroes, skirts, dresses, wraps to carry their baby dolls, over chairs and couches to make a fort, the possibilities are endless.
  19. Plate and cup set. Get something made of stainless steel – they just can’t break them!
  20. Ice block molds. Who doesn’t love ice pops? Toddlers adore them, and mama can make them with all natural juice or milk.

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Buying a gift for a toddler can be waste free, plastic free or eco friendly. Here are the top 20 toddler gift ideas in a nice big round up just for you. Pin it to save for when you need it!
Toddlers are at an amazing age and stage. Learning about the world around them and full of boundless energy. Here are some great waste free gifts for toddlers:

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