Top 15 Fantastic Waste Free Gifts for Adults

This post was most recently updated on March 4th, 2020

Buying a gift for someone that has everything and doesn’t want anything can be frustrating. So often we resort to plastic knickknacks that just end up in the trash. Why not try one of these waste-free gifts for that person in your life? Eco-friendly gifts, that don’t suck!

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  1. Gift cards. For some, this may be too impersonal, but it is a great way to support local sales, rather than the big multi-national companies. Suggestions: Local Farmer’s market, local coffee roaster, restaurants.
  2. Get creative. Make pillow cases with fabric that resembles their interests. Knit or crochet wash clothes for their kitchen or nice wool socks.
  3. Give color coded towel sets. Using their favorite color or monogram each person’s towel. Make sure you buy quality, thick, large towels.
  4. Events. Tickets to a play, concert, dance or sports event, yearly membership to a zoo, museum, children’s museum, science centre.
  5. Natural skincare. Find a local supplier of handcrafted items some of them even sell on Amazon
  6. Food items. Homemade is coveted by many. Try your hand at making vanilla essence. Homemade jams, jellies, quick bread, cookies, candy and jerky are great. For the real food friends: Peanut Butter Bites, Sprouted Lentils in a jar, dehydrated fruits and veggies make a beautiful gift. Who wouldn’t love a jar of dehydrated chilli peppers? An excellent coffee or wine is enjoyable if you don’t have time to spend in the kitchen, many times you can find local options.
  7. Lessons. Often times people are interested in learning to garden, to use herbs, play a musical instrument, dance or taking a photography, art or quilting class, but don’t splurge on themselves. Our 1 year beginner gardening course would be perfect – find it here.
  8. Give a gift of love. Safe drinking water, animals, food, medical care, etc. for those in need around the world. Compassion, World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse are great organizations and have many gift options.
  9. Service. A gift certificate for car-detailing, manicure & pedicure or massage.
  10. An AA membership/car rescue service.
  11. Magazine subscriptions. There are many many choices – find one to fit with their interests.
  12. Give time. Homemade gift certificates for a coffee date, game of checkers, babysitting or a walk through a park.
  13. Joint activities. Give a cookbook and ingredients for a dinner. Set a date to cook together. This works for adults as well as children.
  14. Give a family photo or family portrait session. Most grandparents just want an updated family photo, perhaps one from each family, or photography session over the holidays when all the extended family is together and a group photo can be captured. A calendar made with special photos of family members is wonderful as well.
  15. Heirloom seed packs are great for the avid gardener or an essential oil starter kit for those interested in natural healing.

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Buying a gift can be easy as well as waste free, plastic free or eco friendly. Here are the top 20 adult gift ideas in a nice big round up just for you. Pin it to save for when you need it!

Buying a gift for someone that has everything and doesn't want anything can be frustrating. So often we resort to plastic knickknacks that just end up in the trash. Why not try one of these waste free gifts for that person in your life? Eco friendly gifts, that don't suck!

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