Best Vegetables To Grow In Containers And Pots

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Have you always dreamed of having a vegetable garden but don’t have a large yard to grow them in? Well, don’t worry, because all you need is space for a few containers or pots to make your dreams come true.

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Growing vegetables in containers is a very efficient and convenient way to enjoy both gardening and fresh produce from right outside your kitchen. The following are some of the best vegetables to grow in containers and pots.

Growing vegetables in containers is a very efficient and convenient way to enjoy both gardening and fresh produce from right outside your kitchen. The following are some of the best vegetables to grow in containers and pots. #Piwakawakavally

Best Vegetables to Grow in Containers and Pots

1. Tomatoes

No vegetable gardening would be complete without tomatoes. It is very easy and satisfying to grow tomatoes in containers.

It is important to note that tomatoes need consistent watering, plenty of sunshine and good soil. It is also a good idea to stake your plants to prevent the heavy fruit from breaking and bending the vines.

When purchasing tomatoes seedlings, get stocky, short plants that have not blossomed yet. Tomatoes do not do well in cold weather so make sure to not start them too early in the spring.

Gradually acclimate or harden off your seedlings inside before planting them in pots or containers outdoors. In addition to regular varieties, there are also dwarf and cherry tomato plants to choose from to make the most out of your tomato gardening.

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2. Salad Greens and Lettuce

Growing salad greens and lettuce in contains is quick and easy. It is very easy to grow lettuce and greens from seeds and they don’t require a lot of sunshine the way most vegetables do.

The other nice thing is you can get multiple harvests from your greens. So when you are ready to enjoy a salad, just go out to the pot and pick off even leaves for your meal.

Your pot does not need to be very deep – six inches is plenty. Leave around four inches or more in between each plant.

Leaf lettuces can be grown closer together than head lettuces. Make sure to plant your greens in well-draining soil and water frequently to keep the soil moist at all times.

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3. Beans

Beans are easy to grow in containers. There are both bushier types and climbers. A climbing bean can be grown on a trellis close to a wall.

Beans do need to be in a sunny area and have a strong trellis-like structure to provide them with support.

Plant them in a container that is at least 12 inches deep. You can also grow other vegetables at the base of the beans such as celery, kale, or summer savory.

4. Chilis and Peppers

You can grow both sweet and hot peppers in containers. They need plenty of sunshine, consistent watering, and good drainage.

Plant your peppers in a pot that is 12 inches deep at least. Peppers are also very attractive and come in all colors, sizes, and shapes. Just make sure to plant the varieties that suit your taste the best, as some peppers and chilis can be very spicy!

5. Cucumbers

Another very popular plant for growing in containers are cucumbers. They are fairly easy to grow and are delicious when freshly picked.

They do require regular watering, full sun, and a large pot to grow in. In just a couple of months, you can be harvesting fresh crunchy cucumbers to enjoy.

6. Squash

Squash is a very easy vegetable to grow, especially in a container. Squash blossoms are also edible and very beautiful.

Most squashes do take up a fair amount of space, so you will need to have a big container, along with good soil, plenty of light, and consistent feeding and watering.

Summer squashes like zucchini tend to be more productive and grow better in pots than winter squashes. Expect to enjoy a very bountiful harvests.

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7. Peas

Peas are a cool weather vegetable that you can plant in early spring and the fall.

They add nitrogen to the soil, so you can grow your peas and improve the soil for your next crop of vegetables at the same time! 

Peas grow quickly and are easy to raise as well. They like moderate conditions and don’t need a big pot. Choose a bushier or dwarf varieties and water them frequently and regularly since peas prefer to have soil that is slightly moist.

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8. Radishes

Radishes grow very quickly and are easy to raise. You can grow them in either partial shade or full sun.

For bigger varieties, you should use an 8-10 inch deep container, although for smaller varieties 6 inches will be deep enough. Allow approximately 3 inches in between your radish plants.

9. Eggplant

Eggplant makes a great ornamental in addition to providing you with tasty vegetables. They also produce beautiful flowers.

Hansel and Fairytale are both good varieties to grow since they are compact plants that produce delicious and attractive fruit. They are also thin-skinned so you don’t need to peel them before cooking. They do require a warm climate and require full sun.

10. Garlic

The best thing about growing garlic is that it can not only provide you with garlic bulbs but you can eat the greens as well and use them in sandwiches, salads and other foods.

To grow garlic in a pot, choose one that is wide and 6-8 inches deep at least. Leave 5 to 6 inches of space in between each garlic clove that you plant.

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11. Kale

It is very easy to grow kale in a pot. It can be harvested numerous times, just like lettuce and salad greens. You can pick the young tender leaves or cut up the entire plant.

Although it is a cool weather crop, kale also is able to tolerate some summer temperatures especially if you shade it during the heat of the day.

During the hottest months, it can start to taste a bit bitter though. In warmer regions, plant kale in partial sun and in colder regions plant it in full sun.

12. Carrots

Carrots grow the best in cooler weather. They require moist soil and regular watering. It is very easy to grow carrots in containers and they don’t take up a lot of space.

Growing vegetables in containers and pots is a simple and easy way to enjoy delicious vegetables right outside your kitchen.

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