Why should you grow your own vegetables: 4 Convincing Reasons to Grow Your Own Vegetables

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I have to be honest, I love my vegetable garden. I love to grow my own vegetables, I love the feeling of feeding the family with home grown food, out of my own vegetable garden.

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It is the I-go- through-withdrawal-when-I-don’t-have-one kind of love. But it wasn’t always that way. The thought of dirt under my nails used to repulse me.

But you too, can develop a love for a vegetable garden if you give it a chance. Growing your own vegetables gives you some food security, knowing that you can grow food if anything was to go wrong with our current food supply system. 

Why you should grow your own vegetables

If you are not sure why you should grow your own vegetable garden let me help convince you!

1) The vegetables taste better.

Really really way better. As soon as a plant is picked it starts losing freshness, sweetness and vitality.

Think then how much better a plant that was literally living 30 minutes before it is served up is than one that was picked unripe, stored in a cool store for months and then falsely ripened with ethylene gas. Mmm tasty.

2) The vegetables are cheaper.

Take the basic broccoli for example, at the moment where I live one little head of broccoli costs $2.89.

They are tiny, and half wilted. For that price you can buy a packet of 100 seeds and grow 100 plants, or even buy one 6-pack punnet of baby plants and grow 6 for that price. Safe to say we aren’t buying broccoli from the store at the moment.

3) You know what goes into your food.

I haven’t even checked what price organic broccoli is at the moment, but I do know the ones in the shops are sprayed with chemical fertilizers and bug sprays to keep them aphid and caterpillar free.

At home my broccoli is organic, I have a small enough garden to net them to keep the butterflies off, and can spray with baking soda or garlic if I get aphids.

I try to buy heirloom varieties – they have a higher nutrient content and taste much nicer than commercial varieties.

4) Gardening is very rewarding.

Yes we all have crops that fail sometimes (even my mother in law who has not only green thumbs but green fingers and toes).

Being out in the sunshine, connecting with the earth, breathing the fresh air, the bending/stretching/lifting, pride in feeding yourself/family/friends, having something to barter with – take your pick, they are all good things.

If I have convinced you to grow your own vegetables, you might like to find out more about our The Productive Gardener e-course where I will support your for a full 52 weeks while you get an amazing, productive garden underway.

Or if you already have a garden under way, have a read over our gardening resources page.

Becoming more self reliant and self sufficient really does include growing your own vegetables. Whether you decide to grow your own veggies in a vegetable garden, amongst the flower garden or even in pots, it is worth learning how to grow your own food. 

Some vegetables I have grown over the years:

grow your own vege garden. Homesteadning in nz
My girls love to play in the garden, picking what is ripe


grow your own vege garden. Homesteadning in nz
This salad was entirely out of my own garden *proud*


grow your own vege garden. Homesteadning in nz
This washing basket was half our crop or broad beans


grow your own vege garden. Homesteadning in nz, vegetable
My massive parsnips


grow your own vege garden. Homesteadning in nz
Rainbow carrots


grow your own vege garden. Homesteadning in nz
nothing beats fresh peas!

What vegetables do you grow? Please let me know in the comments below!

For further reading, I really recommend all of these books. I own every one of them and they are amazing resources!





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Growing a vegetable garden is the first step in self sufficiency, food security and knowing where you food comes from. #homesteading #vegetablegardening #vegetable #sustainability

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