This post was most recently updated on January 22nd, 2020

Zone 9/10 Weekly Garden Series  – A Weekly Guide for a Self Sustainable Garden

Here is the list of our weekly garden series. Everything you need to know about growing a self-sustainable vegetable garden, week by week through the year.

While it is written with a zone 9 garden in Dunedin, NZ in mind, it can be applied almost anywhere in zone 8, 9 or 10.

So pick up where ever you are now through the year and follow our weekly garden guide through the seasons.

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A Self Sustainable Garden

Being able to feed the family out of your very own backyard is the very best feeling.

Home grown produce is more tasty, and often more nutritious. If you follow our weekly garden series guides you will also have an organic garden – have you looked at the prices of organic produce in the stores??

You will save a pretty penny growing your own vegetables.

We also have a list of resources to enable you to tackle gardening on your own.

If you haven’t gardened before you might benefit from our Starting a Garden From Scratch series.

Whether you have a massive ranch or homestead or you are gardening on  tiny plot, our Weekly Garden Series will help you grow your very own self sustainable vegetable garden. Follow our guide and feed your family!

Week by week gardening series following permaculture principles for US Zone 8, Us Zone 9 and US zone 10. Follow along each week to see what you need to be doing.